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This lapse weakens his argument, as rebellions could actually create more disorder, keeping society from achieving true progression. These are strong, and puzzling, claims. This article appears in the print edition of the October 4,issue.

They would all have remembered the murder of Emmett Till inthe Montgomery bus boycott that same year, and the showdown in Little Rock in The next biggest Darfur charity on Facebook has 22, members, who have donated an average of thirty-five cents.

A Google employee went to jail for passing opposition messages through Facebook Gladwell If you are of the opinion that all the world needs is a little buffing around the edges, this should not trouble you. All the volunteers were required to provide a list of personal contacts—the people they wanted kept apprised of their activities—and participants were far more likely than dropouts to have close friends who were also going to Mississippi.

Similarly, he does not express any opinion without giving a valid real-world example of why he thinks a certain way. This was an interesting point to make, however I found this to be very convincing.

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Our acquaintances—not our friends—are our greatest source of new ideas and information. Shirky considers this model of activism an upgrade. Their counterparts on the right were organized as decentralized networks, and had no such discipline.

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