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In the interview he speaks about Faithful, King, Red Sox and more.

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I'll gladly read King's drivel before I subject myself to Dalton's dreck, but I'd rather just read Harris every week. It's just part of building my collection of every piece of fiction and nonfiction King has published.

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Desperation Posted: October 28, If anyone is interested, a set of 92 issues on sale on ebay It will be released on November He is squandering the privilege of having a primo spot in a well-read entertainment magazine.

My girlfriend never understood why I always try to get a book I'll never read All Indexes and reference Chapters updated as of October and there are now Chapters in the 'Guide'.

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Kindly resign your post. Thanks to Mike Cahill. I have collected things all my life. There are also some articles available online. Any King collector that has ordered one of these masterpieces will be very impressed. Matt , AM I was actually going to start a thread about this subject called It will be released on November On the image to the right you can see King and O'Nan at a game. Faithful will now be released on November 21, which is a lot earlier then expected. I was an intern at EW almost three years ago and had a grand time swag! How about that?
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