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There is much information to begotten from Socrates, though most of it is found indirectly in Plato's writings, being that Socrates never wrote anything. The Forms are not limited to geometry. The form of goodness allows all the other forms to be understood and be valued.

However, it calls for detachment of an individual from the material world and from the body as one gets more concerned with forms. Plato was born into a high class family in Greece and therefore was very active in the Athenian community since he was from a high status family.

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Another characteristic of forms is that they are causes of all things in that they are real source of the being of all things in the world. This world, to Plato, is more real than the one we live in.

What is the difference between the many things and the forms

Importantly, objects that they perceive using their senses are just but images or even experiences from their mind. Get Essay The theory of forms makes a distinction between those objects that are real and those that are only real in our minds. For Plato the answer is straightforward: the ideal ruler is a philosopher-king, because only philosophers have the ability to discern the Forms. Let's see if we can help you! Although no one has ever seen a perfect triangle, for Plato this is not a problem. This is the center thought behind Plato 's theory of forms, from this thought he moves towards clarifying his universe of forms or ideas. But what is a Platonic Form or Idea? He declares that it is this world which is real and that the world of change is just but imperfect reflection of real world. He was born into an aristocratic Athenian family in about BCE, and his are the earliest writings of philosophical findings that have been recorded. Not everyone is suited to be king in the same way as not everyone is suited to mathematics. Someone wanting to do architecture, for example, would be required to recall knowledge of the Forms of Building, House, Brick, Tension, etc. What is real is thought to be perfect, but something cannot be real or perfect if it is always changing. This eternal world is more real than the world we experience through the senses or Empirical knowledge — knowledge based on our senses , and it is the object of knowledge, pure knowledge, not opinion. According to Plato, his Theory of Forms states perfection only lives in the realm of thought

In fact, Plato was set on finding out the real truth, and how to gain pure knowledge. Plato formulated the theory of forms as a result of major problems in the world which he attempted to solve. Using the concept of Forms, he systematically constructs an argument in an attempt to prove that the soul exists and must always exist.

The world is constantly undergoing change. When examining Plato's forms and evaluating the theory, some conclusions have proved to be unclear and unanswered.

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Plato Theory of Forms Essay