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Required fields: Optional fields: author, howpublished, organization, address, month, year, note, url Booklet is used for printed and bound works that are not formally published.

For example, for an article entry we need to use the author, title, journaltitle and year or date keywords. You do not need to add the. Contains the only settings for entry types I used in my thesis.

If there is one list of references for the whole thesis because you used the oneref option, you will only need to run BibTeX on the top level file thesis. Bibliography management in LaTeX; Bibliography management with biblatex.

Rerun to get cross-references right. The style file in this instance is plain.

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By default a separate list of references appears at the end of each chapter, and are sorted by the order that they are cited in that chapter. Another way is to use special field url and make bibliography style recognise it.

The list of references is optional, therefore there are a few different ways that it can created. This concerns words such as editors, and, or in as well as a proper typographic layout. Modifications of three standard styles plain, abbrv and alpha are provided with urlbst.

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LaTeX/Bibliography Management