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He was very quiet who found a love for gardening, and also a love for Sachi. Nadine, Stephan und Susen Stephan Sinding med utkast til Ibsen-statue, Stephan at IHOP Stephan discovers the difference of personalities between his father and Matsu, as well as the realization of the beautiful connection that he and Matsu slowly nurtured.

Author: Eva Dockery.

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What also makes Matsu a samurai is the tone of his voice, and the way he speaks. Stephan's father is a man that loves his family on a business level. Meaning that what someone sees is what they believe in the most, and other people can not change their opinion. Please consider Stephen is structured by seasons, from each season as the first set up, then flout this expectation? Why might she have chosen this narrator? Some things that Matsu did to show that he was a Samurai throughout the book was encouraging Sachi to garden and to stay strong, while others abandoned Sachi, and prayed that she would commit suicide. Sachi became a better person because of her. Although Matsu was quiet, and barely spoke, he always had open words for you, showed hard work, and showed honor. Your time is important. The protagonist is Mary Lennox a selfish and spoild 11 year old. The famous cliche, "Don't take it personal, its just business," comes to mind.

His experiences at Tarumi are one of a kind, and he learns many lessons from the experiences that Sachi has gone through. This is an enormous obstacle for her because this means she has no family or people who love her, because of the honor code.

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Also, Matsu shows how much he is an honorable man. Sachi was a young woman isolated from the world, with a disease called Leprosy. Individuals come from many different ethnic origins and have different beliefs, but one thing all humans have in common is the fact that they are all affected by class structures. It was here that Theme in "The Garden Party" by Katherine Mansfeild words - 4 pages Under a crisp blue sky and lush glow of summer sun, thousands of roses burst open and radiate with a beauty that could only grace the presence of clean hands and clear eyes. Some stories have become mysterious legends handed down over the centuries. Help us to Autumn during Stephen s suicides of flowers are a love story. The different types of obstacles that Sachi had to overcome, leprosy experiences and Japanese honor code, changed her life drastically for the better. Characters in the story have very different reactions to the same circumstances. These are issues all people can relate to such as the non-verbal father that conveys no emotions. Many people all across Japan, and many parts of Tarumi were affected. Not only did Matsu care for Sachi, he also cared for other people that lived in his town Yamaguchi with Leporsy. Sachi became a better person because of her. Overcoming this hurdle in her life caused a great impact in her life, by making her defeat the disease she had been struggling to defeat. These are issues all people can relate to such as the non-verbal father that conveys no emotions. Related posts:.

Seemingly from Stephen's own loneliness and sufferings, that Matsu can relate to which then shows us his compassion, as well as his excitement and determination he brought to ev They kept peace inside the borders of Japan as well as fought battles for them off of the soil.

Despite his situation, Stephen is able to separate the good from the bad and his experiences benefit him greatly. Not only did he have a love for Sachi, he also had a love and kind heart for people who were affected by the disease just like her.

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After her decision, to not suicide, she was considered a disgrace to her family, and she was alone because of the code of honor.

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Gail Tsukiyama’s The Samurai’s Garden Essay