Effect of h1n1 swine virus on humans

This includes frequent washing of hands with soap and water or with alcohol-based hand sanitizers, especially after being out in public.

Influenza a virus subtype h1n1

WHO[ 2 ] says that no previous pandemic disease has been detected so early or watched so closely, in real-time, right at the very beginning. Germs spread this way. In India, The age of patients with confirmed swine-origin influenza A[ 12 ] infection ranged from 3 months to 81 years. Social distancing is another tactic. The virus is spread among pigs by aerosols, through direct and indirect contact, and also by asymptomatic carrier pigs. It means staying away from other people who might be infected and can include avoiding large gatherings, spreading out a little at work, or perhaps staying home and lying low if an infection is spreading in a community. Risk factors that may contribute to swine-to-human transmission include smoking and not wearing gloves when working with sick animals. Around 12, people have been tested in India as on February 1, Where have pigs been infected with swine flu?

In: Infectious Diseases. Recommendations to prevent spread of the virus among humans include using standard infection control against influenza.

Swine flu causes

Cohen J, et al. People who work with pigs, especially people with intense exposures, are at increased risk of catching swine flu. Rochester, Minn. Current vaccines are effective against many strains of swine flu. It is very hard to predict what impact another swine flu pandemic would have on the global human population. Food and Drug Administration. On February 1, , from the 51 patients who tested positive for swine flu, only one has traveled outside India and remaining 50 have infected in the country only. Maharashtra has 5, cases of swine flu affected patients and Rajasthan has 2, patients who were tested positive for swine flu till February 1, Swine flu is now included in the seasonal flu shots. You can help prevent the spread of germs that cause respiratory illnesses like influenza by Covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. There is a vaccine available to protect against swine flu. People do not normally get swine flu, but human infections can and do happen. Viruses from pigs do occasionally cause outbreaks of human infection. Many of these severe cases have involved other chronic health conditions; however, between a third and half of the serious cases have occurred in otherwise healthy, young-to-middle-aged people. Influenza can spread in coughs or sneezes, but an increasing body of evidence shows small droplets containing the virus can linger on tabletops, telephones, and other surfaces and be transferred via the fingers to the mouth, nose, or eyes.

Philadelphia, Pa. Put used tissues in a trash can. Clinical Infectious Diseases. Avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Follow all doctors' instructions. Two classes of antiviral medication are available for the treatment of seasonal human influenza: neuraminidase inhibitors oseltamivir and zanamivir and adamantanes rimantadine and amantadine.

Facts It is still perfectly safe to eat pork products, so long as they are cooked properly.

Swine flu symptoms

Overall, the majority of infections have occurred in individuals aged younger than 25 years. However the trend is changing now. Current vaccines are effective against many strains of swine flu. Wash the hands and face regularly. If pork meat and pork food products have been handled properly, transmission of swine influenza to humans is not possible. On the basis of data regarding viral shedding from studies of seasonal influenza, most patients with swine influenza infection might shed virus from 1 day before the onset of symptoms through 5 to 7 days after the onset of symptoms or until symptoms resolve; in young children and in immunocompromised or severely ill patients, the infectious period might be longer. As of May 5, , the CDC[ 12 ] has recommended that health care workers who provide direct care for patients with known or suspected swine influenza infection should observe contact and droplet precautions, including the use of gowns, gloves, eye protection, face masks, and fit-tested, disposable N95 respirators. During the — influenza season, almost all circulating human influenza A H1N1 viruses in the United States were resistant to oseltamivir. There is also potential for transmission through contact with fomites that are contaminated with respiratory or gastrointestinal material. It's named for a virus that pigs can get.

Trying to avoid close contact with sick people. The use of vaccines on swine to prevent their infection is a major method of limiting swine to human transmission. If pork meat and pork food products have been handled properly, transmission of swine influenza to humans is not possible.

A mini review of the zoonotic threat potential of influenza viruses, coronaviruses, adenoviruses, and enteroviruses. Guide for considering influenza testing when influenza viruses are circulating in the community.

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Swine Flu: Risk Factors, Causes & Symptoms